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Whether the roof is for your home, business or agricultural building, all metal is custom roll formed and made to order to the exact length. This can save you both time and money with very little waste to deal with in the end.

Customize your roof to your needs

With Hilltop Roofing Supply, you get more than just a product. Every material is backed by a 40 year warranty so you can feel confident when choosing any one of our products. We understand your needs from a roof and make it happen.

•  Available in 36" wide 9" on center ribs in 29 gauge and 26 gauge.

•  Also available 18" coverage in standing seem hidden fastener.

•  Choose from 21 different colors for a more customized roof.

When you need an affordable roof made with quality workmanship, we're your guys!

Protect your home

with the right roof in place

Your roof is one of the most crucial components to your home. When you need better protection for your house, quality roofing can help if you choose the right supplies.